A look on the Best Mobile Application Testing Trends for 2017

The last few years have remained exceptional for the development of mobile application. The realm of mobile apps has gone far beyond to just offering a space to companies to register their app in app store. Testing has also become an important part of app development as it helps find glitches in the app. Additionally, it is a chance for developers to rectify the coding errors.

A look on the best mobile application testing trends for 2017

Testing is of course the last stage in the life cycle of apps but it holds prominence for obvious reasons. App testing gets a bit tricky as developers need to go through all those crucial codings to rectify the errors if found. Well, we are not going to target aspect of coding in this blog. But, we will be talking about the best mobile app testing trends for the current year. Here comes the trends to watch.

AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality has taken the world by storm. And, it is one of those exceptional techniques that is expected to grow bigger and better in the time to come. With Google SDK, it has become easier to build virtual reality apps for different OS. Apps that have got the taste of virtual reality have started hitting the charts as the top rated applications. Users, on the other hand, have already approved this technique for its effectivity. And, with the same reason, AR and VR have got a prominent future.


IoT or internet of things is an exceptional technique that has taken machine learning and artificial intelligence to another level. It has given more space to a number of other techniques to flourish further. It is because of technology like IoT, the concept of smart door lock and smart devices has flourished. The integration of these smart devices with smartphone is another great news for the users.


Chatbots were developed to generate automated reply as well as assistance to the users through an online conversation like a real person. Chatbots rely on artificial intelligence to generate automated replies. The demand for the chatbots has increased lately and with the same reason a number of world renowned companies such as Facebook, IBM, Google etc. are investing in the same. Owing to the great demand of chatbots, nearly 80% of companies will have a similar framework by 2020. And with such frameworks, the scope of testing is expected to grow similarly.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments and digital wallets have grown in the popularity. The convenience of payment for the services with just a click adds more to their demand. Today, every major OS has its own mobile payment method. And, with the growing count of users liking the concept of mobile payments, the demand has grown in the similar ratio. There is no doubt that mobile payments have made it easy to buy services, but it has opened up more challenges in the already complicated space of payment.

The bottom line

In the conclusion, there is a whole new range of trending techniques for testers out there. As technological trends are growing, the means for testing must grow in the similar manner. For testers, there is an urgent need to grow with the ongoing digital innovation. And for users it is a chance to embrace these techniques to broaden their level of knowledge. The list of trends that have been listed above are expected to grow more in the current year. Additionally, they are sure to make the users’ lives more easier.


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