A Sneak Peak into the World of Wearables in Asian Market

World of Wearables in Asian Market

Wearable Devices have gone a lot deeper into Asian society. Whether we talk about India, Japan or China, the influence of wearables is on a rise in these countries. Over the past few years, Asia Pacific has emerged as the single largest wearable market across the globe. The growth percentage of wearables in the last year was around 51%. And, this obviously shows the boom in this industry.

With over 42 million of fitness devices, including smartwatches too, the worldwide estimation of global profit from wearables is near to 102 million. And, the Asian market still tops the chart as the best wearable marketplace. The profit percentage is expected to grow further with 30% yearly increase. All these stats, compel us to think what’s there in the Asian market that has made it such a hot destination for wearable dealing? Keep tuned to the write-up to know the apt reasons.

Reasons for Tremendous Growth of Wearables in the Asian Market

Asians Adapt Quickly to New Technologies

A number of surveys have found that people in Asia are always open to adapt to new Technologies. This offers enough room to Mobile App Development Companies to launch their technological innovation in Asian countries. The willingness of Asian people to fall for fitness trackers and gadgets offers the best reason to wearable app development companies to launch innovative products in this market.

Emergence of Affordable Brands in the Market

Till now it was all about Fitbit in the fitness category for wearable devices. However, the evolution of Xiaomi from China has given a serious competition to Fitbit in the fitness wearable device category. Xiaomi is known for developing exceptional mobile/fitness gadgets at the most affordable price. The exceptional gadgets that Xiaomi has offered to the users are helping it to become the next biggest wearable brand. The Asian Pacific region is also booming in this category.

Wearables are Becoming an Important Part of Life

Wearables in Asian countries are not only about fitness. These gadgets have become a way of life now. Be it about smartwatches or the gadgets that help us track our fitness, people are becoming more and more concerned about such devices. Asia covers a huge market for fitness gadget, which is near to 55% for fitness trackers, 17% for smartwatches and 24% for locators. The growing trends of fitness devices have thus become a part of our lives.

Technological Innovation in Wearable Market

The upgraded technology that Mobile App Development Companies are using is sure to bring more innovation in this field. The tools and techniques of improving wearable gadgets are on a rise. And, this trend is sure to offer more luxury to the users in terms of functional gadgets. As wearables have impacted Asian market greatly, it is sure to grow in the influence in other countries too.

In Summary

A new trend in wearables has emerged as fitness trackers as well as kids locators. This is one of the reasons for the enormous growth of wearable app development companies growth in the Asian market. As the Asian market holds great potential to bring the profit into the wearable industry, the market is expected to grow more and more in the upcoming years.


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