The Trends that will Shape Mobile App Development Future

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For all those users who remain aware of the latest news and trends in app development, the post is going to offer a number of insights. The count of smartphone users has grown more than 1 billion. Other statistics show that 179 billion apps are downloaded per year. And, the number is increasing every single day with the registration of new applications. The app development world is as dynamic as the types of apps we have today.

As the trends in the App Development are changing, a number of exceptional innovations have taken shape in reality. The mobile app market is dominated by giant leaders today. It includes apps from Google and Facebook in the similar ratio. In the race of these applications, social media apps have generated the most views. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook’s Messenger have an appeal of their own among users.

The recent trends in the Mobile Application Development are much engaging. The AR & VR techniques that have evolved recently are becoming the most prominent. Gaming apps (such as Angry Bird, Temple Run) etc. have also contributed much to the popularity of recent trends in the related sector. The popularity of these trends keeps on changing as per the apps that are in trend.

A Look on the Recent Trends Prevailing in Mobile App Development


More and more users are adopting for mobile commerce. The increasing popularity of mobile and wallet payment has given a major space for this technology to flourish further. The concept of mobile commerce is growing in approach because of the fact that users no longer need to carry their debit and credit card everywhere they are heading to. The inclusion of wearable technology in m-commerce is a concept that still needs to grow further. This will be the best revolution in the M-commerce technique.


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The concept of wearables needs no mention. Right from the health sector to the fitness regime, wearables have an audience of its own. The count of Wearable Devices was 79 million in 2015 that grew to more than 100 million in 2016. The count for the same is going to increase further in 2017. The impact of wearable is going to be bigger in approach in the time to come. Taking a few steps further, it is sure to improve areas of sports, fashion, fitness and more.

Enterprise Mobile Management

People using mobile computing for streamlining their businesses contribute to enterprise mobile management. The dimensions that enterprise mobile management include are security, financial management, mobile device management and the elements of file sharing. The scope of such tools will grow more in future and will impact a bigger area. As the tool of EMM will mature, there will be more focus on the elements of the same.

AR and VR

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Augmented reality, as well as Virtual Reality, are some of the most amazing techniques that have shaken up the gaming industry. In fact, virtual reality has made it easier to take a virtual tour to any distant location. And to make the business out of the same, a number of gadgets have been developed to offer a whole new experience to the users. And, the impact of these tools is so powerful that a number of companies have invested in the same to take users experience to a whole new level.     


This was all for the round up of the latest trends in the mobile app development. With these innovations, the digital ecosystem is growing continuously. Besides the trends that have been described here, there is IoT, motion sensing, location sensing and much more to look on further. All these techniques are going to change the shape of mobile app development in the years to come.


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